What I do

Freelance writing.

6 thoughts on “What I do

  1. Joe victory says:

    I was wondering if we can turn this story into a screen play of some sort..if you are down with d idea please contact me and let’s discuss possibilities..

  2. Dominic awoleye says:

    Well done for this great initiative. i have short plays and poems that i would like to publish on line and earn some bucks, i have registered via goggle but i can not get throgh to converting my piece to e-pub. Kindly assist biko!

  3. onyinye says:

    I just read “about haroldwrites and i just fell in love. this is an understatement. A quick one, i wish to publish my novel online and i wonder if you can help. i need someone that will take me by the hand. thanks.

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