About HaroldWrites

I am not a writer. I make no allusion to that. Being human is difficult enough. Being a writer would be torture. HaroldWrites is my alter ego. He thinks himself a writer because he knows how to play with words like floccinaucinihilipilificate and antidisestablishmentarianism, words I never will understand.


1. I am not a writer, but I have written two fictions. I lost both manuscripts. At the age of seventeen, I made up my mind to be published before I was twenty. When I turned nineteen, I was already done with my first story. However, my typist’s computer had a virus attack and I lost my story. I started working on my second story immediately,this time with my own computer. It took me another two years to complete. My computer also had a virus attack.

2. I am not a writer, but I have operated four personal blogs at different periods in my lifetime. Each blog at the time had a particular purpose, but the purposes were lost just as soon as they arrived. HaroldWrites is the fifth blog. It is not my blog. It is my Alter Ego’s.

3. I am not a writer, but I am working on my third manuscript. It is inspired by my Alter Ego but it is not a memoir. It is a revolution.

4. I am not a writer but I like when people visit my Alter Ego’s blog because for every visit, I dedicate one hour to community service and for every comment, I write a letter to Santa Claus to send them a gift at Christmas.

5. I am not a writer, but I hate when people hold me by the wrist. It makes me feel vulnerable. I know there is no correlation between being a writer and to hate being held by the wrist, but my Alter Ego says the sentence sounds better that way.

6. I am scared of heights. I would rather walk to China than climb a six-feet tall fence.

7. I have never smoked before, but I would appreciate if anyone described the taste of a cigarette to me.

8. I am a very shy person,but no one ever believes me. Not even my Alter Ego.

9. I have not worn a pair of jeans in six months.

10. I have never really had sex. Interpret that which ever way, and you would still be wrong.